About Christine Sweet

Hi, my name is Christine Sweet. I am a Dutch singer-songwriter and I live and perform in Norway. Songwriting is my medicine, my life saver and my freedom to express whatever needs to be expressed.

My melodies come to me when I am in silence, when I’m jamming or often also in my dreams. It gives me so much joy! It brightens up my darkest times and that is what I like to share with the rest of the world.

For over 25 years I have written songs for artists in the Netherlands, run my own NLP singing school and I have been a performing artist. I have released several singles and over the past seven years two albums. The music is here on the website and can be bought in my webshop.

During a concert, I perform my own songs and also interpret songs by artists who have left their mark on the musical world. I made my own version of Nina Simone’s “Black is the color” followed by her own “One day”, and it touches you!

This Music Store is my sacred place to deliver my songs to the public, to you. My music is not restricted to any music style, I just let this magical process manifest in it’s original appearance. My biggest dream is to live from my music and record songs until the day my physical existence ends.

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I hope you will download my work, as it will enable me to create new music. Thank you wholeheartedly for your support!

Much love,


Ps: If you like to know more about me, feel free to watch "The Story Behind The Music" video below.

Music library

In the music library you can listen to short versions of my music. When you like a song go to the webshop where you can buy the song and listen to it whenever you like.

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Library Norwegian songs

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I would like to hear from you! Please send me an email or fill in the contact form and I will get back to you.

Stai-Tryaveien 467, 2480 Koppang (Norway)

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