Christine Sweet.

This artist sings with soul. Sing Song writer, artist, vocal coach, music therapist, producer, it takes a bit to write about this Dutch top artist.  According to Christine it all started with a goodbey letter. The story from there and up to the deep forests in Norway is fantastic and an inspiration for everyone. Watch Christine’s biography.

Christine is an independent artist who wants to be free to create all kind of music in different genres. Christine is madly driven  to make music. For over 25 years she has written songs for artists in the Netherlands, run her own NLP singing school and been a performing artist. She has released several singles and over the past seven years two albums. The music is here on the website and can be downloaded on the download page. 

​During a concert, Christine performs her own songs and also interprets songs by artists who have left their mark on the musical world. It ranges from blues to soul to country. Christine makes her own version of Nina Simone’s “Black is the color” followed by her own “One day”, and it touches you! You can find Christine also in the spiritual world of sound healing where she performes her healing Mantra songs and Sound Yoga. 

When Christine Sweet does not perform alone, she brings with her a bunch of experienced Norwegian musicians.

​Soon on a culture scene near you !