Christine Sweet's journey through music

Music is a lifesaver and the best medicine against all the evil in the world

Christine Sweet is a singer-songwriter who released her first album, Fairyland, in 2010. Together with Theun Supheert and Maurik Michael the album became to be after years of searching for the right sound and musicians. It’s not easy to put a label on the music for its willful, unique and every song has its own style. You could describe it as a cross-over between pop, rock and singer-songwriting.


Christine often tells us Music is a lifesaver and the best medicine against all the evil in the world. On her album Fairyland she offers her own medicine filled with intensity and the joy of life. You'll hear songs about love, loss and other trials you face in life. But she also makes the sun shine in the summer hit When the Wind Blows and creates a psychedelic atmosphere in All There Is.


Christine’s passion for music sparked to life when she first heard that acoustic guitar. She was instantly in love with it. Back then, in her turbulent life so far, she searched for an outlet (see also The Story Behind The Music). That was the moment she started writing songs and formed several bands to showcase her songs on stage.


To make her dream of a debut album real she went into the studio with Theun Supheert, Maurik Michael and serveral other great musicians. It turned into a long but rewarding process. After 7 years Fairyland saw the light of day. It became a very strong album with all of Christine’s flair for songwriting.


In 2011 the album got promoted with the videoclip Fairyland.


The band existed out of:

- Sabina Knol on acoustic guitar, keyboard en backing vocals

- Peter Kahman on drums

- Tiedo Groeneveld on electric guitar and backing vocals

- Jo Torgar Guttu on bas

- Lianne van der Vloet on percussion and backing vocals


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